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It's Not Funny Til It Gets Embedded In Yer Head.
You Need to Go!
ernestinewalker wrote in the_cbt
Last night, I learned about some religious zealots who don't believe in the whole Christ/God thing, but have the same insane fervour and right-winged outlook as the best Fox News show you can think of.

Apparently, when they sing "Kumbaya," instead of "My Lord," they add in "Bob Dylan." Because saying "My Lord" is just like sinning. Just saying the name of the deity is like blaspheming. So when they pray, they substitute other names so God doesn't get offended.

I have been singing "Kumbaya, Bob Dylan, Kumbayaaaaa" for about six hours now.

The power of Bob Dylan compells me.

Your assignment: continue with this theme.

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I had a friend at Purdue named Huang who started reading the bible out of the blue one day. He comes walking into our room and says, "You know what? That Jesus guy was one awesome mother fucker!"

right after I was out of high school, my very catholic mother would let the door-to-door mormons in the house and talk with them all of the time. they gave her the book of mormon and some other books and pamphlets and stuff. after a few months of coming over regularly, I realized they hadn't been over in a while, so I asked my mom about it. she told me "I asked them not to come by anymore. I started feeling like they were trying to convert me."

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